network project

Cooperation and activities for all SwafS NCPs

The project is a network of NCPs for the Science with and for Society programme of Horizon 2020. The project is managed by 16 beneficiaries and is targeted to all nationally nominated SwafS NCPs.

The project focuses on cooperation and networking, best practice sharing and NCP training for the Science with and for Society programme. is divided into 6 work packages. All information about the tasks, deliverables and responsible partners can be found under each work package in the menu on the right.


The main objective of the project is to share best practices among NCPs in order to improve the operation of each Science with and for Society NCP so they will be better equipped to provide more effective and better quality services to organisations participating in Horizon 2020 all over Europe and beyond. This will result in a more consistent, improved and professionalised level of NCP support services across Europe and in all Horizon 2020 participant countries, taking into account the wide variety of NCP system structures in different countries.

Concept and Approach

The concept and approach behind the main objective focuses on the following four main aspects and support measures:

  1. Mutual learning and capacity building for the diverse network of Science with and for Society NCPs, through mutual learning and exchange of best practices in groups, in particular through trainings and network meetings, as well as at individual level, through welcoming packages and and bilateral visits. Mapping of NCP experience and NCP needs is a vital component to focus this objective further, not forgetting the need for knowledge in the wider area of EU policy in the field.
  2. Further Mobilisation of stakeholders, respecting the diversity of Science with and for Society players and the essentially cross-cutting nature of RRI actions. Activities will be aimed at overall new recruitment of potential participants in the programme; reaching stakeholders such as SMEs and CSOs, as well as participants in third countries, with special focus on ICPCs and neighbourhood policy countries.
  3. Important policy issues will be addressed through ensuring Visibility of Science with and for Society outcomes, in order to educate NCPs in the different dimensions of Responsible Research and Innovation and to integrate important objectives and outcomes into policy discussion at EU and national levels.
  4. Outreach and communication activities with emphasis on Horizon 2020 Science with and for Society objectives, as well as granting visibility of the programme to stakeholders, policy makers and the media through several outreach activities. In addition, the objective focuses on internal and external communication of the project and internal communication within the network of NCPs


The project is coordinated by The Icelandic Centre for Research - RANNIS and funded by Horizon 2020 under grant agreement 635656. 

Information about the project partnership, beneficiaries and associated partners can be found here.