WP6 Communication

The work package is dedicated to effective communication, within and outside the network. It will take advantage of all the activities executed in SiS.net for the global benefit of all the Science with and for Society NCPs, and also for external actors, potential participants in programme calls, but also in other SwafS and RRI related H2020 calls.

Communication activities include and support all the activities related to the internal and external communication of the network, including beneficiaries and associated partners, i.e. the larger network of all Science with and for Society NCPs, through the SiS.net website and also through external activities needed for the promotion of the project's activities to stakeholders, policymakers and media. The identified SiS target groups will be approached using different communication channels including social media. Under this WP, the existing promotional material will be updated and new specific promotional material needed for out-reach events organised within other work packages will be produced. In addition and based on the experience gained during previous network projects, the communication opportunity offered by different social media channels will be used to tailor and reach new target groups.

Structure and responsible partners:

Work Package leader:  ETAg, EE

Task 6.1 Promotion of network
Task leader: AMEUP, HR

Task 6.2 External Communication
Task leader: VINNOVA, SE