WP3 Mobilisation

The main objective of this work package is to develope joint activities focused at participants in Science with and for Society programme, that NCPs cannot develop at national level, such as European brokerage events to support applicants in consortium building and a common understranding of the diversity of SwafS stakeholders.

Activities of the work package concentrate on the diverse landscape of stakeholders being active in the various thematic areas of Science with and for Society, with additional focus on SMEs and CSOs (Task 3.2) as well as cooperation with 3rd countries (Task 3.4). To raise their competences and skills as NCPs, it is important to broaden their knowledge about vital players beyond their countries. Additionally, a crucial entry barrier for newcomers to the programme is their lack of knowledge of complementary Science with and for Society stakeholders and potential project partners in other European countries. For that reason the result of stakeholder mapping will be most valuable and easily accessible source of information about actors working on these issues in Europe. (Task 3.1) Results of the mapping will also serve as input information to other work packages. Furthermore, this WP will promote involvement of CSOs and SMEs in the future Science with and for Society projects and will contribute to their greater participation in Science with and for Society programme. In addition, the brokerage events (Task 3.3) will be an ideal opportunity to find international partners for collaborative research. These events will promote and encourage engagement with Horizon 2020 and will enhance networking and collaboration among researchers as well as various groups of stakeholders in Europe and beyond.

Structure and responsible partners:

Work Package leader:  IPPT-PAN, PT

Task 3.1 Mapping stakeholders
Task leader: DLR, DE

Task 3.2 CSOs and SMEs
Task leader: IPPT-PAN, PT

Task 3.3 Brokerage events
Task leader: APRE, IT

Task 3.4. Science with and for Society in 3rd countries
Task leader: ASRT, EG