WP2 Mutual Learning

This work package is central to the project, as it aims at strengthening the knowledge of Science with and for Society National Contact Points and to exchange good practices among network members.

The first years of Horizon 2020 programme are expected to be especially demanding for NCPs, because many of the members of NCP network are new to the theme, but also for experienced NCPs overall structure, the rules and regulations are totally new. The overall Science with and for Society programme approach is also new.

Meeting the existing demand from Science with and for Society NCPs for trainings and support as well as the effects of the high fluctuation of NCP delegates is major objective of Work Package 2. Furthermore, within this WP the SiS.net 2 project will organise regular network meeting for all Science with and for Society NCP network members to give everyone an overview of current state of the project, of the H2020 programme in general and the Science with and for Society programme in particular, as well to create a mutual meeting point for the network in order to enhance the cooperation.

Structure and responsible partners:

Work Package leader:  APRE, IT

Task 2.1. Bilateral visits
Task leader: RPF; CY

Task 2.2. NCP training
Task leader: APRE, IT

Task 2.3. Network meetings
Task leader: TC AV CR, CZ

Task 2.4. Welcoming package
Task leader: MATIMOP-ISERD, IL

Task 2.5. Benchmarking: mapping NCP experience and NCP needs
Task leader: MATIMOP-ISERD, IL