WP4 Visibility of Science with and for Society

The work package is devoted to providing all SwafS NCPs with key knowledge of Science with and for Society policy issues. By qualifying NCPs to better understand the policy context of the areas covered by the programme, the project will improve the quality of the proposals submitted, by better addressing relevant policy needs.

WP4 deals with the need of NCPs to collect knowledge on policy issues, since the proximity of this programme to policy-making has been recognized, as well as to help them positioning as national advisors in Science with and for Society related issues, bringing European and national policies closer in this area. Different policy briefs will be prepared in order to provide NCPs with ready-to-use information for their respective policy makers (Task 4.1). Moreover, NCPs will engage in a two-way discussion with key EU policy makers (EP and EU Council) in order to allow fruitful exchange of information on the latest development of policies related to the field (Task 4.2). WP4 will also include activities to strengthen communication, exchange and cooperation with policy stakeholders at national level and promote collaboration with NCPs and key players in international and European organisations dealing with SwafS related policies in the areas of Public Engagement, Science Education, Open Access, Gender and Ethics (Task 4.3).

Structure and responsible partners:

Work Package leader:  FECYT, ES

Task 4.1 Policy briefs
Task leader: FFG, AT

Task 4.2 Outreach to EU policy
Task leader; IPPT-PAN, PT

Task 4.3 Outreach to national policy
Task leader: NHRF, EL