Call for Action: Horizon Europe needs a specific programme for funding Science, Society and Citizens' initiatives


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There is an urgent need to strengthen funding for the interaction between science and society, but the EU's proposal for Horizon Europe, does not foresee a programme dedicated to Science with and for Society. Therefore, we are calling on the international science community to join forces and sign a petition to ensure funding for a specific programme dedicated to science, society and citizens' initiatives. 

The European Commission's proposal for the new Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (Horizon Europe) envisages neither a specific programme line nor a sufficient budget dedicated to Science, Society and Citizens' activities. Most activities of the current “Science with and for Society” programme in Horizon 2020 are proposed to be integrated in a programme part called „Reforming and Enhancing the EU R&I System“ together with many other activities with a budget of 400 million euros. This means a harsh financial reduction, losing visibility and opportunities. The “Science with and for Society” programme will not be continued and no sufficient funding for specific research and supporting actions for cooperation in the field will be possible if the EC's proposal for Horizon Europe is not amended.

Although Commissioner Moedas and the EC's proposal for Horizon Europe reiterate several times the need to bring Horizon Europe nearer to society and European citizens, their announcement is not transformed into sufficient action, proposing a dramatic budget reduction of the already limited resources to the only programme line that targets citizen participation and the concerns of society, namely “Science with and for Society”, and shuffling its priorities together with other diverse action lines.

In view of this development we call on the European Institutions to set a separate programme in line with a sufficient separate budget for the successor of the “Science with and for Society” programme part within Horizon Europe. There is an urgent need to strengthen funding on science and society relationship instead of cutting it down.

Here is a link to a detailed argumentation for the petition

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