New Horizon for Science with and for Society areas


  • Horizon-Europe-Reforming-and-Enhancing-the-European-R&I-system has developed a very useful factsheet on  SwafS areas in Horizon Europe as an aid for guiding the Science with and for Society community and stakeholders to opportunities in Horizon Europe., the NCP network is coming to an end after having supported NCPS and the Science in Society stakeholders through two framework programmes, FP7 and Horizon 2020.

With Horizon Europe (2021-2027) there is a new scenario for the SwafS areas, as there will no longer be a separate programme directly dedicated to science and society interaction, as the relevant elements will be integrated into a cross-cutting programme.

The project team has compiled a useful fact sheet, SwafS Areas in Horizon Europe, with the objective of outlining whether and where the previous SiS and Swafs areas will continue to receive and how the SwafS Community can find relevant opportunities for collaboration and funding. The fact sheet can be used by NCPs as well as stakeholdes that want to orientate better within the new programme.