New success story: CONCISE. How do citizens form their opinion on science?


  • CONCISE Success story
    Citizen consultation in Vicenza ©Danmar Computers

The latest success story published by is about the CONCISE project, which is about learning about people's attitudes and beliefs about science via citizen consultations. interviewed Carolina Moreno-Castro, the CONCISE coordinator.

The objective of the CONCISE project is to find out how Europeans build their opinions on science and technology and who influences this process. For example, which information cources and channels do citizens trust when looking for science related topics? How are citizens' opinions and attitudes formed and what role do friends,communicators, journalists, influencers, family, colleagues, religion or political views play?

To find out more, you can download the CONCISE Success Story here. 

The project is funded by the Science with and for Society programme under Horizon 2020 and involves nine institutions from Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia and Spain. 

Photo: Citizen consultation in Vicenza ©Danmar Computers