New SwafS Success stories booklet published


  • SwafS-Success-stories-booklet-2020 has published a new booklet with collection of success stories from the Science with and for Society programme of Horizon 2020. The booklet is a collection of interviews with coordinators of four selected projects and can be accessed in one publication or as separate success stories. 


As Horizon 2020 comes to an end,, the network of SwafS National Contact Points, presents another collection of successful projects, the SwafS Success Stories Booklet 2020.

The projects contained in this publication represent four selected success stories that have been funded from the programme and illustrate clearly the importance of SwafS related activities within the field of research and innovation. 

They also reflect the breadth and diversity of the programme and how Responsible Research and Innovation increases research excellence; how citizens develop climate change adaptation strategies; how polar research generates enthusiasm for science education; and what citizens really expect from good science communication. 

All the Science with and for Society Success stories that the project team has produced can be accessed in the Success Stories page on this website, as well as two booklets with collection of succes stories from FP7 and Horizon 2020.