Success story: Hypatia - inspiring teenagers to follow a career in STEM


A new SwafS success story has been published on the website, about how to inspire teenagers all across Europe to follow a STEM-related career in a gender-inclusive way.

Research shows that the way in which science is communicated to young people, in and out of school, is not yet gender inclusive. Young Europeans, both girls and boys, still have very little idea of the variety of careers that are possible in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), and about the skills that are relevant for those career pathways.

The Hypatia project aims at offering  gen­der-inclusive STEM education to young people, to actively expose young people and especially girls to the variety of STEM-related careers and to encourage young people to open up their horizons to “expect everything” from the field of STEM. 

Access the whole success story in the following link:  Hypatia - Inspiring teenagers all across Europe in a gender-inclusive way to follow a STEM-related career.

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