Success Stories

One of the objectives of is to showcase successful projects in the field of Science with and for Society. The success stories are especially selected and elaborated in order to promote excellence in European research linked to Responsible Research and Innovation.


The aim of the success stories portrayed here is to highlight the importance of research in the field of Science with and for Society and the added value of Responsible Research and Innovation in the European Research Area. 

Project success stories that are selected by are listed below. Additionally, you can download two compilations of success stories in pdf format. The first Booklet of Success Stories was published in 2018 and contains 10 accounts of successful SwafS projects from FP7 and Horizon 2020. The second published SwafS Success Stories Booklet 2020 was produced at the end of Horizon 2020 and contains four success stories in the form of interviews with the project coordinators. 

Below are links to 14 SwafS success stories compiled by Simply click on the title of the project in the list for the full success story: 

TeRRIFICA - Territorial RRI Fostering Innovative Climate Action

In an interview with Norbert Steinhaus, learned about the valuable work done by the dedicated consortium of TeRRIFICA. One of their key messages is that the involvement of all parts of society is needed to develop R&I action plans in climate action that meet the needs, values and expectations of society. Click on the title to download the success story.  Project website here.  

CONCISE - Communication role on perception and beliefs of Citizens about Science. interviewed Carolina Moreno-Castro, the coordinator of CONCISE, which is about learning about people's attitudes and beliefs about science via citizen consultations. Click on the title to download the success story.  Project website here.  

EDU-ARCTIC - Innovative educational programme attracting young people to natural sciences and polar research

Read the interview with EDU-ARCTIC's coordinator, Agata Gozdik, to learn about the objectives and results of EDU-ARCTIC, an interesting SwafS project in the field of Science education. Click on the title to download the success story. Project website here. 

NEW HORRIZON - Excellence in Science and Innovation for Europe by adopting the concept of Responsible Research and Innovation spoke with NewHoRRIzon's coordinator, Erich Griessler, in an interview to learn about the results, challenges and achievements of the project on Responsible Research and Innovation.

RRI Tools - Fostering Responsible Research and Innovation

Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) is a series of key activities within the Science with and for Society Programme and a cross-cutting issue in Horizon 2020. The RRI Tools project supports the successful implementation of RRI through the RRI toolkit. Project website here.

ENGAGE 2020 - Deepening and broadening public engagement in Horizon 2020

Public engagement is about involving citizens and societal actors in the decision-making process or in the research process itself – strengthening societal support of innovation. Project website here.

FOSTER project - Pushing forward the successful implementation of Open Access 

Open Science and Open Access have become key drivers for research and innovation and in setting political priorities. The FOSTER project provides a wide range of stakeholders with practical support on how to successfully implement Open Science/Open Access. Project website here.

SPARKS - Sparking citizen science and RRI across the European Union

The Sparks project has developed the travelling exhibition Beyond the lab: the DIY science revolution which tells the impressive stories of seven citizen scientists. It is accompanied by numerous participatory events and will visit 29 countries in Europe. Project website here.

INTEGER - Changing the institution, not the women scientists

The INTEGER project aimed to foster gender equality in research institutions through so-called "Transformational-Gender Action Plans" (T-GAPs) that functions as drivers for systemic structural change. Project website here.

TRUST - Ensuring global research collaboration without ethics dumping

To ensure international research that is trustworthy, rsponsible and equitable, i.e. research that is not practising ethics dumping, the TRUST project develops three tools which complement each other. Project website here.

PRINTEGER - Integrity is part and parcel of excellent research

The PRINTEGER project promotes integrity as an integral dimension of excellence in research. It does so by e.g. improving integrity policies of national and international research organisations, but also by providing better tools for research leaders and managers. Project website here.

Marine Mammals - Experiencing marine life to spark the fascination of science towards the young

The future of research and innovation rests on today's younger generation. But what to do when all studies show that more and more young people are losing interest in science? That's where the Marine Mammals project comes in! Project website here.

Hypatia - Inspiring teenagers all across Europe in a gender-inclusive way to follow a STEM-related career

The Hypatia project aims at offering  gen­der-inclusive STEM education to young people, to actively expose young people and especially girls to the variety of STEM-related careers and to encourage young people to open up their horizons to “expect everything” from the field of STEM. Project website here.