International Cooperation Partnership Countries

The ICPC countries are eligible for participation in the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020, without being EU member states or associated countries to the programme.

International cooperation is an important cross-cutting priority of Horizon 2020. In addition to Horizon 2020 being fully open to international participation, targeted actions with key partner countries and regions focus on the EU's strategic priorities. Through the new strategy, a strategic and coherent approach to international cooperation is ensured across Horizon 2020.

International cooperation in Horizon 2020 constitutes a significant percentage of all funded projects under the programme. One-in-five Horizon 2020 projects include an international partner in addition to participants from Member States or Associated countries.

According to the European Commission's new strategy for International Cooperation, the Collaboration with International Cooperation Partner Countries (ICPC) is encouraged in all areas. ICPC Countries are eligible to participate in Horizon 2020. Neighborhood countries are eligible for automatic funding and so are the developing countries.

The rules for participation and dissemination in H2020 stipulate that international cooperation with partners in third countries is necessary to address effectively many specific objectives defined in Horizon 2020, in particular those relating to Union external policies and international commitments