WP1 Management

The main objective of the project management is to guarantee a good coordination of the consortium and a good execution of the project. In addition to administrative issues, the work package includes quality management to ensure quality of the work carried out and impact management to monitor the realization of impact and to implement corrective measures in case some biases overcome

Sound management of a project like SiS.net is vital to its success. This work package represents the overall coordination of the project consortium and the management of the work plan. It deals with effective management of resources and content and ensures smooth coordination of the work (Task 1.1). Furthermore, an integral quality assurance and quality management task is integrated in this WP (Task 1.3). Effective coordination is essential, both for managing the consortium as well as the entire SiS NCP network, as all activities of the project are not only targeted towards the beneficiaries, but are also aimed at strongly benefitting all officially nominated SiS NCPs in all Horizon 2020 countries, EU member states, the associated countries and also international partner countries with special emphasis on neighbourhood policy countries. Cooperation and communication with project partners and the whole network of Science with and for Society NCPs as well as managing the quality of planned impact of the project, is also part of current WP (Task 2). The project coordinator is responsible for all tasks under this work package and coordinates all other work packages and project activities, as well as for the financial management of the project and reporting to the European Commission. As all beneficiaries are actively involved in project tasks, all partners are involved in the Management work package.

Structure and responsible partners:

Work Package leader:  RANNIS, Iceland

Task 1.1 Project coordination
Task leader: RANNIS, Iceland

Task 1.2 Network maintenance and internal communication
Task leader: ETAg, Estonia

Task 1.3 Quality management
Task leader: FFG, Austria

Task 1.4 External group for SwafS dialogue
Task leader: ETAg, Estonia