WP2 Sharing

The objectives of this work package are to transfer knowledge and experience on day-to-day activities of SwafS NCPs; to offer one-on-one support and opportunity to exchange of best practices at a more detailed level than it would be possible through other trainings and workshops, and overall to improve and professionalise the level of NCPs' support.

Mutual learning, best practice sharing and knowledge exchange between NCPs is at the heart of every NCP network. The Science with and for Society programme is especially demanding for NCPs, mainly due to the special concept of RRI and the cross-cutting nature of many of its components, but not least because of the diverse scope of the SwafS stakeholders. Meeting the existing demand from Science with and for Society NCPs for trainings and support as well as the effects of the high fluctuation of NCP delegates is major objective of Work Package 2 (Tasks 2.1, 2.4 and 2.5). Furthermore, within this WP the SiS.net3 project will organise regular network seminars for all Science with and for Society NCP network members to give everyone an overview of current state of the project, of the H2020 programme in general and the Science with and for Society programme in particular, as well to create a mutual meeting point for the network in order to enhance the cooperation. Finally, there will be the opportunity for mentoring and staff exchange, which will be focused to particular, analysed needs and requirements of NCPs.

Structure and responsible partners:

Work Package leader: APRE, Italy

Task 2.1. Good practice fact sheets
Task leader: BELSPO, Belgium

Task 2.2. Network seminars
Task leader: AMEUP, Croatia

Task 2.3. Staff exchange visits
Task leader: RPF, Cyprus

Task 2.4. Mentoring
Task leader: InnovationAuth, Israel

Task 2.5. NCP trainings
Task leader: APRE, Italy

Task 2.6 Online trainings
Task leader: ASRT, Egypt