WP3 Impact

The objectives of the work package are quite ambitious. The WP aims to to analyse country participation in the Science with and for Society Programme with a special attention to those ones that have been participating at low level in the programme up to now; to analyse the previous impact of SiS.net cluster of projects; to provide channels of mutual learning and exchange of key information between SwafS NCPs and diverse Science with and for Society stakeholders; to explore and present in-depth to SwafS clients the possibilities available under the Work Programme, and finally, to promote and encourage engagement with Horizon 2020 and enhance networking and collaboration among researchers in Europe and beyond.

Activities of the work package will concentrate on the impact created by the SwafS programme on one hand and of the network activities on the other. Analysis of country participation will be carried out, giving special attention to low-performing countries. Furthermore, the collected impact of the SiS.net networks will be looked at in order to maximise learning and best practice sharing among SwafS NCPs all over Europe and beyond and also towards strengthening existing channels of information exchange between SwafS NCPs and the diverse range of the programme's stakeholders. Deeper networking will be encouraged, both between network of main players as well as reaching out to new stakeholder groups, newcomers and low-performing countries and regions, through successful brokerage events and knowledge days.

Structure and responsible partners:

Work Package leader: IPPT PAN, Poland

Task 3.1. Analysis of country participation
Task leader: IPPT PAN, Poland

Task 3.2 Measuring the impact of SiS.net services
Task leader: FECYT, Spain

Task 3.3 Networking with other communities
Task leader: ANI, Portugal

Task 3.4 SwafS Knowledge days and Brokerage events
Task leader: APRE, Italy