Welcome to the SiS.net Stakeholder Database

The Science with and for Society Stakeholder is an online database of actively involved stakeholders in the different thematic areas that constitute the SwafS programme.  

The objective of the SwafS database is to provide information about the large and diverse SwafS community and to increase the visibility of stakeholders engaging in the different areas of SwafS: Ethics and Research Integrity, Gender Equality, Open Access/Open Science, Public Engagement, Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), Science Communication, Science Education and Careers, Science Governance, Mobilisation and Mutual Learning Actions (MMLs).

Search the database

Identify stakeholders who work in the areas of SwafS. Stakeholders can be selected by SwafS area, country, project keyword and other criteria. The database particularly, but not exclusively, contains information on stakeholders engaged in EU Research. Search the database here .

Every stakeholder is represented by at least one, in many cases by more than one project. Each project is a separate entry. So, if you are interested in all projects of a specific stakeholder, simply put in a search for this stakeholder.

Register in the database

If you are a stakeholder who is actively involved in the areas covered by the Science with and for Society programme and would like to help build a map of SwafS stakeholders across Europe and beyond, you are welcome to register .  

It may be possible that you are already included in the SwafS stakeholder database. At the time of its launch, the database contained information on more than 2,000 SwafS stakeholders. This information had been researched and inserted into the database by the SiS.net project. The data uploaded by SiS.net exclusively consisted of information that was publicly available on the Internet. The main sources used were the project websites, publicly accessible documents of the different projects and the CORDIS database. Please note that the collected data may not necessarily be comprehensive, complete, accurate or up to date.

If you have any questions regarding the database please contact SiS.net-Stakeholder-Visibility@dlr.de.


DLR is the owner of the data submitted to the SwafS stakeholder database. When registering in the SwafS stakeholder database you are required to give certain information (such as name, name of organisation, SwafS area).

DLR is also the owner of the data that has been researched by DLR and integrated in the database when the database went first online. DLR has collected the data using solely information that is publicly available on the Internet, the main sources being websites of projects and of the stakeholders and publicly accessible documents of the different projects and the CORDIS database. NCPs have also contributed to this collection by providing information about national and international projects. In every case, DLR has obtained their confirmation regarding the public accessibility of the data on the Internet.

DLR does not sell, share or rent any information of the database to third parties other than the project partners responsible for hosting the database and publishing the data on the website of the Network of National Contact Points for Science with and for Society in Horizon 2020. 

Any use of the content of the SwafS stakeholder database site shall be for personal use only. In particular but without limitation no person shall download or otherwise extract substantive amounts of data and make such data available to third parties who would not otherwise have access to such collected data.

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws, DLR shall have no liability in connection with any use made of this website or any images, text or other content contained within it.

DLR reserves the right to edit and delete any information on contacts and organisations contained in  this data collection.

You have the right to demand information on data that has been saved about you personally. Please contact SiS.net-Stakeholder-Visibility@dlr.de in case of any questions or if you wish to be deleted from the database.